17 11 2008

Action in Asia DVD released!

We are very excited to announce the release of our DVD, which Black Helmet Productions began in 2007, featuring 10 of the short films found here on our web-site. Cine Rebelde ( in Germany is organising our European distribution. We have been touring with the film on the European continent and also had a USA premiere in Summer 2011, and hope to do more showings. The DVD is subtitled in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. We also have Greek subtitles, and are more than happy to work with people to create subtitles in further languages.

How and why did Action in Asia come to life?

“Action in Asia” is a Documentary Film Project about Social Movements in East and South East Asia. Initially, this project was started through the Anti-G8 summit protests in Japan. In the autumn of 2007, two people from Germany traveled Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and Hong Kong to report about the Anti-G8 protest movement in Germany leading up to the summit protests in Heiligendamm, Germany in 2007. During the preparation for this journey it became clear that sadly not much of political issues in Asia are known to people in other regions of the globe. So interviews were shot with people involved in very diverse political and social movements. More recently shot interviews also feature the anti-nuclear movement in Japan.

What´s the aim of the project?

Our goal is to help increase the exposure of Asian Social Movements – especially in Europe and North America. We hope that the project can be a platform where issues featured in “Action in Asia” start to enter the activist and mainstream consciousness.  The ultimate goal is to help gain more support for – especially – grassroots movements in these Asian countries, building networks and helping to increase contributions to efforts of those featured in these short documentaries.

What´s the blog for?

The site contains film clips, including some not featured on our DVD, and some information on our touring plans.

Black Helmet Productions, Jan, 2012