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Workers of the World Relax

Projects of an autonomous Filipino collective

This is a clip about an Autonomous Center with its Illiteracy, Guerrilla Gardening, and Food Not Bombs projects. Volunteers describe the political persecution of activists and journalists in the Philippines, where authorities are involved in torture, killings and abductions. The film also documents the joyous delivery of free food to homeless street children, who are as young as three years old. (8:39 min)

The Plastic Bananas

The effects of globalised agriculture in the Philippines

The Plastic Bananas – Part 1

The Plastic Bananas – Part 2

An example of how the global market has impact on food and local farmers, with examples from banana plantations on the Philippine island of Mindanao. Small scale farmers and NGO workers explain about the land tenure, corporate dependencies and their cooperative struggle to successfully stop the toxic aerial spraying of the banana plantations, as well their visions for organic farming. Efforts to protect village children from cancer and lung diseases from the sprays are still continuing today. The humor and practical jokes highlighted in the film are a testimony to the resiliency of those battling corporate control in Mindanao. (16:36 min)

More Information and Support: – look for Davao

Radicalising the Mainstream!

Networking Grassroots and NGO’s in Davao

Film Collective
“Southern Tagalog Exposure”

Interview on their work of documenting political killings and abductions in the Philippines

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