The Action in Asia DVD has been released in Europe via Cine Rebelde in Germany!

In support of the DVD release, we are planning to further tour Germany in 2012, but need your help! If you would like to help organise a screening of Action in Asia, please contact us, whether in Germany or abroad. We would love to come to the UK if you can help us organise showings. See other parts of this web-site for our new films completed after the Action in Asia DVD release.

Upcoming Tour Dates 2012

Spring/Summer: Germany, UK, write us for bookings!

  • Mitte Juni – Baden-Württemberg-Tour (Stuttgart, Tübingen, Freiburg, Konstanz, …)

Past Tour Dates 2012

Past Tour Dates 2011

Past Tour Dates 2010

Past Tour Dates 2009

Past Tour Dates 2008

Past Tour Dates 2007

Japanese Anti-G8-Infotour 2008

dates 17 February-1 April 2008 below were from the Japanese No G8 Action Infotour, which featured some of our short films and was organised largely with our Action In Asia/Black Helmet Productions collective.

  • 17 Feb – Berlin, Germany: KATO,
  • 18 Feb – Berlin, Germany: Horte,
  • UK Infotour info:
  • 22 Feb – Brighton:  The Cowley Club
  • 23 Feb – Bristol: Kebele  Cardiff (evening) venue tbc
  • 25 Feb –  Edinburgh: The Forest Cafe
  • 26 Feb – Leeds: The Common Place
  • 27 Feb – Nottingham: Sumac Centre
  • 28 Feb – London: LSE
  • 29 Feb – Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 02 Mar – Rostock, Germany
  • 03 Mar – Hamburg, Germany
  • 04 Mar – Kiel, Germany, Hansa,
  • 05 Mar – Berlin, Germany: New Yorck
  • 06 Mar – Poznan, Poland: Rozbrat,
  • 07 Mar – Berlin, Germany
  • 09 Mar – Hannover, Germany, and Dresden, Germany
  • 10 Mar – Bremen, Germany, and Brno, Czech Republic
  • 11 Mar – Bochum, Germany, and Vienna, Austria: EKH
  • 13 Mar – Nijmegen, Netherlands, and Athens, Greece
  • 14 Mar – Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 15 Mar – Antwerp, Belgium, and Larissa, Greece
  • 16 Mar – Liege, Belgium, and Patras, Greece
  • 18 Mar – Koeln, Germany, and Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 19 Mar – Freiburg, Germany, and Vicenza, Italy
  • 20 Mar – Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 21 Mar – Switzerland, and Bologna, Italy
  • 22 Mar – Dijon, France, and Genoa, Italy: Buridda
  • 23 Mar – Lyon, France, and Milano, Italy: Centro Occupato Autogestito T28
  • 24 Mar – Barcelona, Spain
  • 25 Mar – Barcelona, Spain
  • 26 Mar – Madrid, Spain
  • 28 Mar – Malmo, Sweden
  • 29 Mar – Gothenburg, Sweden: Underjorden
  • 31 Mar – Stockholm, Sweden
  • 01 Apr – Oslo, Norway: Humla, Hausmania – +

USA Infotour

  • 06-10 Mar – Washington, USA,  National Conference of Organized Resistance
  • 11-13 Mar – Philadelphia + Baltimore, USA
  • 14-16 Mar – New York, USA, Left Forum
  • 17-19 Mar – Portland, USA
  • 20-24 Mar – San Francisco, USA, Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

One response

4 03 2010

The repsonse to Action in Asia in Mexico was fantastic at every showing. People mentioned consistently that they had never before heard of these struggles. The talked about having a feeling of isolation in their Mexican hometowns, and how this film gave them a sense that people the world over have similar struggles.
Mexico doesn’t really have an activist video distribution, but rather everything is decentralised, with each group or social centre just making lots of DVD copies and giving them to everyone. People on the street even copy hollywood DVD’s like Avatar and sell them on the street for 10 pesos (about 50 euro cents) to make a living, so somehow it is cheap to copy DVDs. We gave away about 30 Action in Asia DVD’s, and almost everyone who took one promised to make copies to give to friends. If you need a copy of the cover, just tell us and we will email one to you for you to print out.
Mexico was amazing, and the people all there work really hard, even against very tough repression as we know from recent struggles in Oaxaca, Chiapas and other places.
I think the tour there and the positive reactions gave me a real kick in the ass to work harder on distribution and more touring with the film.

We also have someone working on Greek translations now, so let us know if you can host a showing in Greece. Other tour ideas are New England in USA, and England, and always Germany, so let us know if you can help us pull a good crowd in to show Action in Asia.
in solidarity,

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