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Streets of Crimson Red

Free Burma demonstration in Seoul

The week that the Burmese Junta was killing monks and others demonstrating for democracy in late 2007, there was also a solidarity demonstration in Seoul. The clarity and anger of migrant Burmese living in South Korea, and the seeming disinterest of the Burmese Embassy bureaucrats, is made evident by their actions in this short film. A volunteer from Malaysia campaigning for Human Rights also draws comparisons to the successful South Korean efforts to dispose of their military dictatorship in the 1980’s. (5:00 min)
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Film-Clip from Japanese TV with footage from Demonstration and Uprising inside Burma and Demonstration in Nagoya

Defending the Autonomous Peace Village Daech-uri

The struggle against US military base expansion in South Korea

Farmers and activists in the small South Korean town of Daech-uri fought hard for four years to keep their town and stop the expansion of the Camp Humphreys U.S. Military Base. Featured are interviews with an experienced Anarchist campaigner in Seoul, as well as graphic footage of the violent efforts by South Korean police to evict poor defenseless elderly farmers. Police efforts to “moderate” the conflict are shown to be a ridiculous and tragic exercise in Orwellian 1984-style “new-speak”. The conflict ended with the loss of Daech-uri in the summer of 2007. (5:53 min)
further information and films:×2609288 (July 2006) (March 2007)

Migrant Worker TV and Migrant Worker Struggles

Preliminary Version

Interviews with Mr. Kim
Korean Anarchist

Live-Translation into English by Dopehead

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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